Why Coach Alden?

With more than 25 years of experience as both an independent business owner and a corporate leader, Coach Alden has consistently delivered noteworthy results, leading individuals and diverse teams to act with high positive impact in various circumstances.

Serving in the U.S. Navy after high school, he mastered the earliest personal computers. After the Navy, he worked temp jobs as a "word processor" for the biotechnology, insurance, medical, and legal professions.   

That means he sat at the computer all day using the latest technology WordPerfect!  (Google it)

When he started his family, he decided to further his education – now holding two Associate Degrees from Laney College in Oakland, California, and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

Coach Alden has been married over 35 years to his wife, Ginger. 

Together they have three adult children and one grandson. 

Coach Alden enjoys teaching, reading, and video games, plus dates and vacations with Ginger.

During and after college, Alden owned a small business providing video production services and computer skills education. 

Years later, he joined Ford Motor Company, serving in various IT leadership roles before taking an early retirement in 2018.

He was fortunate to earn a good salary during my corporate career.  

Unfortunately, the good income just masked his issues managing money.  

Alden did not know how money works.  He used credit cards liberally, preventing him from saving money and preparing better for retirement.   

He now has a financial future in order and secure.

Often, small business owners suffer financially the same way Alden did personally.  They have good revenue and profit in their business, but they do not understand how money works.  Been there, done that!

Coach Alden has developed expert skills to resolve open-ended, ambiguous issues and communicate in a clear and compelling manner.  

He is motivated by enabling others to thrive and succeed, as well as persuading others and building support for key objectives.

Today, Alden is an Entrepreneur and Social Influencer on LinkedIn.  

His focus is on serving and helping others as he has helped countless businesses and individuals learn about how money works so that they grow their personal and business wealth.  

Coach Alden is a small business coach, a licensed financial professional, and a published author.

His business goals are actually his personal goals - to help as many small business owners as he can grow their revenue, and teach people how to plan for and reach financial goals.

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